Getting Started with Motion Coach

Motion Coach turns your smartphone into your own digital personal trainer by using your front facing camera and artificial intelligence to guide you through exercises within the Kaia app.

Benefits of using Motion Coach

  • Receive real-time feedback to ensure you complete your therapy safely and effectively
  • Digital biomarkers are used to measure your health and fitness and track progress over time
  • Reps are automatically counted
  • Get motivated with our AI cheering you on

Use Motion Coach during your daily movement session

All Motion Coach enabled exercises will have an icon on the bottom right of the screen. Click this icon to activate Motion Coach.

First time using Motion Coach?

  • Follow the prompts on your screen and allow access to your device's camera
  • Prop your device on the floor against a wall or piece of furniture
  • Your device should be 6-10 feet from where you'll exercise
  • Have adequate lighting so that we can detect your movement

At this time, not all exercises are Motion Coach enabled, but we're adding more to the library regularly!

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