How To Manage Personal Information

Managing your personal information in the Kaia Health app allows you to have an experience with Kaia that is uniquely yours. This article will guide you through the steps to update this information.

To manage or change any personal information in the Kaia App, the Settings tab at the bottom of the app is your starting point. 


  • Training schedule Want a reminder to train on certain days? You can easily create a custom schedule that fits with your lifestyle. 
  • Gender Select/change your preferred gender.
  • Course Enrollment This section shows you courses you are currently enrolled in as well as any available courses. You are also able to remove a course from your daily program if you wish (don't worry—you can always join again later!) 
  • Subscription information This section outlines the type of Kaia subscription you are currently using.
  • Data management This section offers you the option to delete your Kaia app account and all of your personal data. 

General settings

Click on General and you'll be directed to manage the below settings: 

  • Notifications Select whether or not you'd like to receive push notifications and email updates. 
  • Email Change the email address associated with your Kaia account. 
  • Change Password Change the password associated with your Kaia account. 
  • Language Select from English or Deutsch (changing the language will reload the Kaia app) 

Additional Information

Below the Language setting, you will find a few other tabs with additional information:

  • Instructions for Use This will direct you to reach out to your in-app Coach or our support team
  • Privacy Policy 
  • Terms & Conditions 

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