What to Expect: Your First Few Sessions

Ready to dive into your personalized training? Here's a look at how to get the most out of your first few Kaia sessions.

After you finish your onboarding questionnaire, you will be guided to the home page of the Kaia Health app which will show you today's plan as part of your Today Tab—a page that is updated daily based on your personal progress. This will include Movement, Relaxation and Education sessions that are tailored to the body group you've elected to focus on.

You'll be able to track your activity in the Progress tab as well as select from various other therapy sessions in the Browse tab.

Your First Session

Take a look under Start here in your Today Tab for an overview of how your Kaia therapy will be structured. Once you've done that, you'll be ready to dive into your first personalized movement session!

After you select the personalized movement session option, you'll see an overview of what to expect in this session and any equipment you may need, as well as the option to select 6, 9 or 12 minutes for the session length:

After completing your session, you'll have the option to provide some feedback that will help personalize your training even further. Did you enjoy the training? Did you think it was too hard? Maybe a bit too easy? You'll select a smiley face that best represents your feelings about your training, and you can also slide the circle to the right to request harder intensity or to the left for less challenging exercises:

Select the star icon next to any exercise to add it to your list of favorites

Coach Outreach

In addition to these sessions, you can always reach out to your Coach via the Kaia Care tab, who is a live team member with the mission of helping you reach your health goals.

Kaia Coaches are available to help you along your Kaia journey—essentially a Coach in your pocket! You will receive a message from your coach similar to this one at the start of your training:

Some of the topics Kaia Coaches can help with are:

  • Questions about the training process
  • Discussion of your individual training plan
  • Support in motivation for Kaia training
  • Your personal goals with the Kaia Health app
  • Accountability
  • Use of the Kaia Health app

If your benefit plan allows Coaching Calls, you can Schedule 20 minute phone or instant messaging sessions on the top right within this tab.

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