How the Kaia Health App Works

The Kaia Health app delivers daily sessions designed to teach you how to self-manage pain based on a multimodal therapy approach.  Multimodal therapy increases the likelihood of behavioral change by using of a combination of different therapy types which is crucial when learning to prioritize your well-being and starting your health journey towards a pain-free life. We use the following therapy types in our app:

Movement Exercises

These sessions are a series of exercises in the therapy program you were assigned based on your onboarding questionnaire and monthly check-up responses. You can choose how many rounds you would like to complete to determine the length of your session.

Duration: anywhere from 10-30 minutes

Relaxation Sessions

Guided meditations are offered to help you find a sense of calm. At times, pain can stem from a place of stress or over-use. These sessions give you the much needed time to take a breathe, slow down, and listen to your body.

Duration: about 5 minutes

Education Sessions

Knowledge is power, and in this case, learning more about why you experience pain can help with managing it successfully. These sessions cover everything from how to explore the mind-body connection, to how to react when pain suddenly strikes. 

Duration: between 1-10 minutes

In addition to these session types, you can always reach out to your Coach via the Coach tab, who is a live team member with the mission of helping you reach your health goals. Learn more about Coaching here: What is Kaia Coach Chat?

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