How to Adjust Your Daily Exercise Program

Your Kaia program is completely customizable based on what you choose to focus on, how you react to your sessions, and what you show interest in. When you start your program, we will tailor your movement training based on the information you provided during your onboarding questionnaire.  This guide will walk through how you can adjust your program to best suit your needs as make your way through your Kaia journey.

Adjust Program Difficulty After Completing a Session

Adjust Program Difficulty from Account Settings

Adjust Program Difficulty After Completing a Session

At the end of each daily session you have the opportunity to give feedback on the exercises that you have completed. This is where you will indicate whether the exercises were too easy, just right, or too difficult.  This feedback will be used to modify the level of difficulty in future sessions. 

On the Activity Completed screen, click the Adjust difficulty button:

Select if you would like your difficulty to be easier or harder. Your program will automatically be adjusted based on the response you provide from the menu below:

Adjust Program Difficulty from Account Settings

  1. Click on the Settings tab in the Kaia Health app
  2. Tap Exercise Difficulty
  3. Select the difficulty level you want to move to
  4. Select the blue button at the bottom "Select Level" to confirm this change

  5. Review the level adjustments
  6. Tap Confirm change

Your therapy will be adjusted immediately. If you already completed your Movement session for the day, the next session that populates will be at the new difficulty level.

To learn more about what the new level will look like, click on the new level and then tap: What does this level look like? You'll see a description, how the level should feel, some example movements, and additional notes about the program shift

We recommend moving one level at a time as the goal is to strengthen the whole muscle group over time at a steady paceā€”not to complete the toughest workout.

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